Executive Team 2014

The SUABE executive team is comprised of a number of talented and fascinating individuals. This is the 2014-2015 team, and here is what their peers have to say about them:

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Jessica Ma


Jess is a dedicated and diligent leader but brings flair with her. She executes with enthusiasm, keeping biomedical engineering an energy filled community. We’ll forgive her for the fact she does a double degree with Arts (the engineering sworn enemy), only because we know her commitment to SUABE is infinite – just don’t let her be in charge of a bar tab and all will be well.


Brigitte Rees

Vice President

Aside from biomedical engineering, Brigitte’s also studying project management – and it shows. She brings a much needed levelheadedness to the executive, preventing us from boiling over, and always has new ideas to push SUABE in a new direction. Brigitte knows how to cook a fierce barbecue for the masses and is always the last to leave the dance floor – skills that will only assist her future endeavours as an engineer.


Jonathon Lillia


Jonny, currently studying in his third year of Biomedical (Mechatronics), has worked his way through the ranks of SUABE. When he isn’t razzling and dazzling at our events, Jonny is walking the tight ropes of our accounts, managing to balance the impossible.


Max Pentecost


Max is a kind-hearted, intelligent young lad – what some would call the ideal man. He enjoys a good ghost hunt, the odd glass of fine wine, and tearing up his opposition on the soccer field. During weekdays, you will find him in PNR with a smile on his face, even though he probably has 2 assignments and a quiz on that same day.


Professor Andrew Ruys

Faculty Member

The founder of the SUABE, the new Biomedical Engineering Degree at USYD, and the Director of Biomedical Engineering (Education) – Professor Ruys, is an integral part of the SUABE team. He is our greatest supporter and is always there when we need him most.


Joel McCabe

Sponsorship Officer

Joel is an active, dedicated, and gregarious member of the SUABE executive, and the community at large. When he’s not putting the rest of us to shame with his saintly activities, he enjoys undertaking extensive personal study of the dynamics of fermented fluids. These traits, combined with an unparalleled passion for pancakes, make Joel an invaluable contributor to the biomed community.


Tanton Nguyen

Marketing Director

When he isn’t being followed by his on-campus fanclub, Tanton spends his time as SUABE’s treasured marketing genius. He is a dedicated and enthusiastic mind with a keen eye for style and design.


Galen Nethery

Second Year Representative

Galen, one of many valued pancake masters of the SUABE executive. When he’s not completing his combined Engineering and Science degree, you can find this free spirited soul dancing the night away at pretty much every engo event. His positive nature never fails to brighten up a gloomy day whether its conversation accompanied by authentic tea or a fierce game of 500. Galen is a valued team player and a cherished friend.


Katy Lu

Second Year Representative

The resident Kiwi of the SUABE, Katy is a hard-working, double-degreeing society representative. Her numerous skills include artistic and design genius, beer pong mastery and incredible project management skills.


Max Schultz

First Year Representative

Passionately studies Biomedical Engineering with an electrical engineering major. On the side, Max emanates his wonderfully positive energy and dedicates time as a First Year Rep for SUABE. He also likes cats.


Bobby Jin

First Year Representative

Studying Biomedical Engineering and Commerce. When he isn’t stopping hearts with his radiant smile, he’s working as one of SUABE’s First year reps, along with Max Schultz.